Director | Shooter | Editor

I've been on the move a lot. Since I was 7.
Born and raised in small village in Portugal. I've lived everywhere from Argentina to Switzerland from Chille to Spain and Colombia to the UK.
London, that's where I'm at now.

I learnt a few things along the way, like a few languages; how to shoot, edit and grade films; I learnt about the cultural diferences and even how to mold myself, so I could feel at ease in them and still be myself.
I also learnt how increadibly similar we all are.

I've got a passion for communication and I'm trying to get better at it every waking moment, being it whilst writting this text right here, or saying something through a film. Its ongoing learning but it is going strong.



Call +44 (0)7450072345




Sony a7s

Canon 6D

Atomos Shogun (4K Capability)

DJI Phantom 3 - Drone

Zoom H5 Microphone

Sennheiser Wireless Microphones

RØDE Lavallier Microphone

RØDE VideoMic Rycote Lyre Mount

Canon 50mm f/1.8 Lens

Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f/2.8 PRO DX Lens

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.0 L USM Lens

Canon EF 24-105 f/4.0 IS L USM Lens

Manfrotto Tripod x 2

Koolertron Professional Slider

Rig Set Movie Kit Shoulder Mount

Movcam Cage


Neewer Viewfinder

Manfrotto Mini 24LED Panel

V-shape Mount Bracket

Red Head Lighting Kit



DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Lite


Adobe Creative Suite

Premiere Pro CC (2017)

After Effects CC (2017)

Audition CC (2017)

SpeedGrade CC (2017)

Media Encoder CC (2017)

Photoshop CC (2017)

Illustrator CC (2017)

InDesign CC (2017)

Prelude CC (2017)


Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro 7

MPEG Streamclip